Saturday, 11 January 2014

Donating blood in the Congo...

I am only with Mercy Ships for a little over a month, but I made sure to sign up as a blood donor while I'm here! I was needed to donate blood for a patient in surgery this past Tuesday. (7th January 2014.) It was a little bit of a shock (I forgot how big the needle is!), but it was definitely worth it! The last time I donated was in Guinea. I'm very happy that I have been able to donate blood in every country that I have served in with Mercy Ships. It was also special as Candace was able to donate blood this same week - but at home in Indiana. She also hadn't donated blood since Guinea. :-)

 That's a BIG needle!
 Candace-on-a-Stick was here for moral support. :-)
Claudia oversaw the process. It went very smoothly! :-)

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Jamie DeVriend said...

Donating blood is one of the most selfless acts a person can do! Kudos to you for saving lives around the world!