Friday, 17 January 2014

Working Reception...

One thing I've failed to blog about in much detail is what role I'm doing here on the Africa Mercy. Well, the Purser left the ship in early January and a Receptionist had to step into the role in the Purser's office while they trained up the long-term replacement Purser. This switch in personnel left Reception short-staffed for a month. Therefore, God's timing in bringing me back to the ship was perfect. I simply slotted back into the Reception job I had when I first came to Mercy Ships over six years ago.

I'm working shifts in Reception, including this current night shift, and am loving it! I'm answering phones, monitoring the Fire Panel (the ship's fire detection system), embarking and disembarking crew members, signing out keys and cell phones, and loving being a part of an amazing Purser-Reception department. It's also nice to not have the responsibility I had in the Purser's office, but still have an important role to play here on the ship. It's great to be back - even if it's only for a short time! :-) The photo here is of me checking the Fire Panel.

 Answering a radio call. (The photo is totally staged, by the way. :-) )
 It's good to be back behind the desk!

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