Friday, 31 January 2014

Pointe-Noire's Lighthouse...

Pointe-Noire's lighthouse is located a short distance from the Port and overlooks the harbour. It was built in 1927, and is certainly an interesting design. As far as I could tell, the lighthouse is currently inactive. Other lighthouses that Candace and I have visited on our travels include Cape Sierra Leone in Aberdeen, Sierra Leone, Jamestown (Accra) in Ghana, Lome's lighthouse in Togo, Pensacola Lighthouse in Florida, USA, as well as lighthouses in Tenerife, Guinea, and many in South Africa, including the Great Fish Point Lighthouse. We like our lighthouses! :-)

The lighthouse as seen (with 30x zoom) from the Africa Mercy.
A friend drove me to the lighthouse so I could get a closer view. :-)
The top of the lighthouse.
The early evening light certainly made the lighthouse look brighter! :-)

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