Wednesday, 11 July 2012

1931 Model A Tractor...

We had a family barbecue supper at Candace's Grandpa's house last week. (4th July.) He and his wife live about five minutes on the other side of Odon, and they have a large house full of historical and interesting items.

Of particular interest is the 1931 Model A Tractor that he has restored. It has an original Model A Ford engine, and runs very well. Candace's brother Jake took me for a drive along the quiet roads of Odon.

Also worth a mention is the large display of model cars in the house, and the antique farming implements in the shed. More photos below.

 The 1931 Model A Tractor.
 Original Model A Ford engine.
 This is the brake lever.
 Model fire engine display in the house.
 Other model cars.
 Old farming implements.

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