Saturday, 14 July 2012

Indiana activities...

I've had a lovely two weeks in Indiana, and during my time here I have had really enjoyable experiences with good friends and family. Several Mercy Ships friends came down for Candace and my wedding reception last week and we had an absolute blast taking part in some fun activities. We bowled, played putt-putt, and fired guns at clay pigeons. It was a great weekend!

Candace and I at the bowling alley.
I was a pretty hopeless bowler!
 Clay pigeon shooting.
 Candace has a go.
 Sam, Chad and Elliot.
 This one was a bit easier - with a scope.
 Relaxing in the pool before going to putt-putt.
 Elliot, watched closely by Sam, lines up his shot.
 My turn!
 Candace's turn!
Our whole lovely group!

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