Monday, 9 July 2012

A drive through southern Indiana...

Candace and I drove through the farmlands of southern Indiana to run some errands in the towns of Vincennes and Washington last Monday (2nd July). We passed many interesting sights along the way, including amish buggies, oil wells, and many historic places.

We started our day by driving to the Odon Locker, the local butchery, to pick up some beef jerkey. It was delicious! We then passed Candace's old high school, North Daviess, on our route to Vincennes. When we reached Vincennes, we visited with one of Candace's good friends, before driving to Fort Knox II, the location of a US fort between 1803 and 1813.

Having visited this site, we headed to Candace's alma mater, Vincennes University, where I was given a tour of Indiana's oldest university (founded in 1801). We also bumped into some of Candace's lecturers and had a lovely chat to them about Mercy Ships.

We saw the George Rogers Clark memorial on the Indiana side of the Wabash River. The memorial commemorates Lieutenant Colonel George Rogers Clark and his soldiers, who defeated a British force at this location in the American Revolution on the 25th February, 1779. We also drove across the river to Illinois, so I can add that state to my list. Here we saw another memorial, dedicated to Abraham Lincoln.

After a long (but fun) day we drove back through amish country to Candace's family home near Odon, Indiana.

The site of Fort Knox II.
 Welcome to Vincennes sign.
 Vincennes University.
 Traditional old houses.
 This is "Grouseland", home of William Henry Harrison, Governor of Indiana Territory from 1800 - 1812, and a future President of the USA (1840).
 Lovely writing on an old building.
 Monument commemorating US Navy ships that have been named after the town.
 Lovely architecture.
 Entering into Illinois.
 The young Abraham Lincoln, about 21, passed this way with his family.
Back in amish country.
 Amish buggy.
Buggies alongside cars and a small tractor.

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J. G. Burdette said...

Enjoyed the photos. Incidentally, Evansville here. I want to visit Vincennes so much, there's so many interesting things historically related there.