Saturday, 14 July 2012

Working the soil...

Candace's family harvest primarily field corn and soybeans on their farm here in southern Indiana. I had the privilege of helping with some farm work in the garden last week - including sowing corn, and putting away corn.

 Putting in the fertiliser.
 Creating a hollow alongside the fertiliser...
 ... In which the corn is planted.
I've covered up the corn and we'll see how it grows!
 Getting corn ready to be put away. Boil the corn for a short while.
 Then dump it into ice to cool it.
 The cool box full of mielies. (SA English: Corn.)
 Once the corn has cooled, we then cut it off the cob and bag it for freezing.
Diligently working to get the corn off the cob.
Candace's family have a number of chickens too.

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