Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Holiday World...

Last Friday we drove down to Santa Claus, Indiana, where we visited Holiday World and Splashin' Safari, a large theme park. One of the primary reasons for the trip, other than spending time together, was so that I could ride my first-ever Rollercoaster! We rode The Legend rollercoaster and it was quite scary for me, but I was so happy to have accomplished this little personal milestone. I especially enjoyed the water park, with all the amazing water rides.

 Group photo.
 Some of the rides.
 I was so nervous before (and during) the rollercoaster!
 I was so relieved having finished!
 Some of the attractions in the park.
 Candace (top left) enjoys the high swing.
 A view towards the water park.
 The rapids ride.
 Enjoying the children's rollercoaster...
Much less scary than the proper one!

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