Tuesday, 17 July 2012

More sights of Indiana...

Here are some more sights that we have seen during our time here in Indiana. Some are interesting buildings and vehicles, while others are related to the agricultural community.

Odon's water tower. It seems every large town has a water tower.
 Veterans Memorial in Odon.
 Another steam-powered tractor in Odon.
Tractor display at the 4-H showgrounds in Greene County, Indiana.
1929 John Deere.
The showgrounds building.
Candace's niece Layne displayed her goat at the 4-H competition. More on 4-H click here.
 Candace's brother Josiah's beautiful farm.
 A pony grazes near a haystack.
 Layne feeds her goats.
 A really cute little rabbit.
 Candace with a couple of horses.
As I patted the pony, the big horse decided I needed a back massage!
 Deer tracks.
 Wild turkey tracks.
 Racoon tracks.
 A Four-Leaf Clover.
 Driving through Scotland, Indiana. I wore my Scotland rugby jersey for the occasion!
 A lovely building in Scotland.
 Slow down sign.
Another beautiful sunset over Indiana.

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