Thursday, 13 April 2017

Camps Bay...

We went to Camps Bay Beach on Saturday morning, 18th March. We arrived there early in order to find parking nearby and scout out an ideal location on the white sand. We needn't have worried, though, since a strong wind was blowing and it was rather chilly. And yet it was nice because it felt as if we almost had the whole beach to ourselves. :)

My sister Shirley and her husband and their two boys met us there and we had a lot of fun playing beach cricket, drinking coffee, and relaxing while watching the waves. Candace and I even braved the icy ocean on this side of the Cape Peninsula! It was a very fun morning!

 Looking along Camps Bay Beach to Lion's Head.
 Riaan playing in the sand.
 Cousin love. :)
 Cousins playing soccer on the sand.
 Beach cricket!
 More beach cricket. :)
 Sea gulls and rock pigeons on the beach.
 Riaan and Candace walking by the waves.
 Candace swimming in the cold Atlantic.
 The two of us running into the waves. I was soon running out again!
The two of us after our very brief swim. :)

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