Thursday, 13 April 2017

Visiting Jean...

Candace and I were able to take Riaan to meet his great-great-aunt Jean while we were in Cape Town. She had been in poor health, being in hospital and then frail care at the retirement home, for several months. We were so glad that she was able to meet Riaan for the first time on Thursday, 9th March.

We visited her again just over a week later on Friday, 17th March. She was very chirpy and in good spirits, and remarked how "very advanced" Riaan was for his age. She also called him her little "bokkie", which is a South Africa expression that literally means a little buck or antelope, but can also be applied figuratively for a cute child or sweetheart.

Jean went to be with Jesus less than two days later on Sunday, 19th March, at the age of 89. She had told my mom (before we came) that she was just waiting to meet Riaan and then she'd be ready to go. And that is what happened. We are so very thankful that she was able to meet our little man and that we got to see her again, too! We love you and will miss you, Jean!

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