Friday, 14 April 2017

Green Point Park...

After spending several hours at Camps Bay Beach, we decided to relocate along the coast to Green Point Park. Green Point is a suburb much closer to the Waterfront and the centre of Cape Town. It is also where the 2010 World Cup stadium is located. As part of the 2010 World Cup redevelopment process, Green Point Park was created. This lovely area is a perfect picnic location for families. There are play areas for children and a nice coffee shop and restaurant, too. :)

 Candace helping her South African nephews.
 Shirl with the boys.
 View towards the 2010 World Cup stadium.
 A closer view of the stadium.
 Green Point Lighthouse.
 Biodiversity Garden.
 One of the exhibits in the Biodiversity Garden.
 Lots of interesting, indigenous plants.
 Water wheel and pond fed by an underground spring.
 Pretty view of the pond.
 Water lilies in bloom.
 Coots on the water.
 Sea gulls floating along.
Family selfie at Green Point Park.

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