Thursday, 27 April 2017

McCormick's Creek on a Stormy Evening...

On Thursday, 30th March, we darted some severe weather and headed north-east to McCormick's Creek State Park for a couple of hours. We did a short hike and rested by the river, downstream of the waterfall. Candace's mom and nephew met us there and we had a lovely hike along the riverbank. We left McCormick's Creek around supper time and drove through some torrential rain on our drive back home. It was a lovely spontaneous trip to another state park! :)

 Lovely purple flowers in a field along the Interstate.
 Threatening storm clouds moving in near McCormick's Creek.
 Canyon Inn at McCormick's Creek State Park.
 Pretty trees in the parking lot.
 Hiking down to the waterfall and river.
 The waterfall at McCormick's Creek.
 The river flowing in the small valley.
 Steep hills on either side of the river.
 Rusty enjoying the walk.
 Riaan sitting on his rock by the river's edge.
 Relaxing downstream of the waterfall.
 Hiking along the riverbank.
 A small shelter on the hike back to the parking lot.
 Interesting little plant.
 Fungi growing on an old log.
 Tall trees growing in the forest.
 Torrential rain on the drive home.
Driving under a thick cloud bank.

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