Saturday, 22 April 2017

Final days in Cape Town...

Our last day and a half in Cape Town (Monday, 20th March - Tuesday, 21st March) was spent primarily at home with family. We did manage a final walk on the Common as well as another visit to Common Ground Cafe to enjoy their atmosphere and coffee. :) But this visit has most of all been about family and we were so happy to be able to introduce Riaan to everyone in Cape Town - and we're so happy that he had a blast, too! Here are some memories from the last day and a half before our travels back to Indiana began.

 Lovely family meal together.
 Chicken with mushroom rice - my favourite!
 Uncle Linds with Riaan.
 Riaan playing under the trees with Grandad.
 Riaan sleeping in Granny's arms.
 Family time on our last morning in Cape Town.
 Riaan discovered the bird bath!
 Enjoying an evening thunderstorm outside.
 Cousins. :)
Selfie with my nephew, Rhyenn, and the family dog, Flicka.

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