Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Post Office and Tourism Centre...

Tristan has a lovely post office and museum in a relatively new building near the Admin Building. There is also the Cafe da Cunha which provides visitors to the museum with delicious snacks and drinks. Candace and I visited this interesting place on many occasions. We especially enjoyed the Craft Day on Tuesday, September 24th, where visitors on the Agulhas trip were given the opportunity to learn how to card and spin wool - as shown in the picture here. Tristan women are experts with carding, spinning, and knitting of wool. There were model boats on display too.

The museum and post office building.
There are many interesting displays in the museum grounds...
Including a giant fishing buoy!
The post office is on the right as you enter the building.
This is looking towards Cafe da Cunha and the museum is round the corner.
Museum exhibits.
My Grandfather photographed all the islanders and their homes in the 1940s.
The island's archives.
Candace carding wool.
My turn. I was told I carded wool better than most of the women who tried!
Candace was the only visitor brave enough to try spinning.
It's not as easy as it looks!

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