Thursday, 7 November 2013

Runaway Beach...

In the afternoon of the same day that we explored the Hill Piece, Thursday 19th September, we went and visited Runaway Beach. This is where islanders go to enjoy a beach picnic and swim during the summer months. It was a place that Candace and I returned to on many occasions during our time on Tristan. There are beautiful rock pools and caves to explore, and it has the finest black sand around!

On our first visit to Runaway Beach we met an injured Rockhopper Penguin, resting on the sand. And then on one of the last times that we visited this beach, I gathered my courage and had a brief swim in one of the rock pools. It was quite cold though! Perhaps the beach is called Runaway Beach because you want to runaway from the cold water! :-) Anyway, I had wanted to swim off a Tristan beach and now it was done!

Pretty cool colours on the rocks.
Candace found a bowling ball-shaped rock.
Three holes, just like a real bowling ball!
We then met this little fellow. He's very cute.
We also found an amazing cave with these cool colours!
But we didn't stay long because the rocks above were threatening to topple down!
Walking back along the beach.
Time for a swim!
Brrrr, that's cold!
This says it all. :-)

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