Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tristan Rock Lobster...

Tristan's crayfish is a delicacy in many markets around the globe. Fishing days can be few and far between though, depending on weather, and we were fortunate to see one on Tuesday, September 24th. Small fishing boats sail out of Calshot Harbour and drop crayfish traps at various locations around the island. They then return and raise the crayfish traps to the surface, before returning with their catch later in the day. While en-route they weigh the crayfish to ensure that it is the right size. At the harbour the crayfish is offloaded by crane into a waiting tractor, which then hauls the fresh catch to the crayfish factory above.

We also had a tour of the crayfish factory on Wednesday, September 25th. Here the crayfish is weighed again, before being either packed raw and frozen, or cooked and frozen. It is also separated into crayfish tails or whole crayfish. Once the product has been boxed, it is then exported around the world. Many countries, including the United States, Australia, and Japan, buy Tristan Rock Lobster - thus contributing to the island's economy.

View from the Calshot Harbour breakwater towards the crayfish factory.
Fishing boats ready for their next fishing day.
A fishing boat enters the safety of Calshot Harbour.
The small yellow rubber duck is used to hold crayfish. It has a mesh that allows water to keep the crayfish alive.
Offloading crayfish at the harbour.
Some crayfish is stored in large tanks.
Holding live crayfish!
Frozen crayfish ready to be sent on the next ship.
Tristan Lobster box.

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