Friday, 29 November 2013

Three vessels off Tristan...

To have three vessels anchored off Tristan is quite a rare occurrence indeed. But this is what happened on October 3rd when the SA Agulhas II, a small single-manned yacht Zuli, and the fishing vessel Edinburgh, were all anchored off the Settlement of Edinburgh.

The SA Agulhas II returned to Tristan da Cunha on October 2nd, after three weeks doing atmospheric and oceanographic research in the vicinity of Gough Island. She also collected the returning South African weather team, and dropped off their replacements at Gough Island. The arrival of the Agulhas meant that our time on Tristan was running out. Later that same day (October 2nd) a solo yachtsman arrived in his yacht, Zuli, en-route from Brazil to Saldanha Bay, South Africa.

The following day, October 3rd, marked the fishing vessel Edinburgh's return to offload her catch of frozen fish. Barges and RIBs went to-and-fro between the three vessels, offloading fish, loading cargo, and ferrying visitors to the island. It was certainly a busy day in the waters off Tristan!

 Agulhas and Zuli off Tristan da Cunha.
Closer view of the two vessels.
Bell 212 helicopter flies over the yacht.
The helicopter flanked by the yacht and Agulhas.
Agulhas crash boat ferrying visitors to the island.
A rare sight indeed - three vessels at Tristan!

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