Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Hill Piece...

Well, with a heavy heart I must continue my posts about our trip to Tristan. On Thursday, 19th September, we set out to explore the Hill Piece, located between the Settlement and the Potato Patches. This impressive hill rising high above the cliff is the remains of an ancient volcano. The Hill Piece is visible in this photo - the high hill to the left of the shot.

On the mountain side of the Hill Piece is an area known as The Valley, where my Grandad once had some potato patches. The photo here is of us walking in The Valley. We visited the remains of his patches before heading across to climb the Hill Piece.

Much of the land here is marshy and bog-like, and you have to watch your footing. You can see the bog-like terrain in the photo here. But soon enough we were climbing away from the swamp-land, and onto paths criss-crossing the hill, made by sheep and cows. We reached the summit and had a beautiful view of Edinburgh to the east and the Potato Patches below to the west. We could even see the fishing vessel Edinburgh steaming towards the anchorage.

 Painted sign showing the route to the west of the plateau.
Cows, donkeys and sheep graze near the Hill Piece.
Standing amongst Grandad's patches in The Valley.
Grandad's patches as seen from the Hill Piece.
Sheep on the edge of the cliff.
View towards the Potato Patches. Inaccessible Island is clearly visible.
Fishing vessel Edinburgh off Crawford and Herald Points.
Erosion has taken its toll on the island's infrastructure. The road to the Patches has been moved inland at least twice.
Candace and I on top of the Hill Piece.
The four of us with the Potato Patches and Inaccessible Island in the background.

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