Monday, 25 November 2013

Walk to the Patches...

Candace and I took many leisurely strolls during our time on Tristan. We walked out to the Potato Patches on a few occasions, and the photos from this post were mainly taken on Thursday, September 26th. Some of the photos were also taken during our final week on the island when we drove out to the Patches. There is so much beauty on Tristan da Cunha!

This is an area known as Straight Bushes. Candace and I climbed up the low ridge on the right.
A solitary donkey lives in this area. Although he is separated from the other donkeys near the Patches, he seems happy enough grazing here.
The view from the ridge near Straight Bushes.
The Tristan bus taking people to the Patches. The eroding cliffs are visible here.
The old patches. The new patches are across the gully.
Potato Patches.
Potato plants growing in neat rows.
Areas of the Patches have different names. These are the Coolers.
Shy Border Collie peeps out from the back of this bakkie (pick-up truck).
Pretty little chicken.
A herd of donkeys graze near a small flock of sheep.
Islanders have camping huts near the Potato Patches.
Candace and I amongst the Patches.
Snow visible above the Wash Gulch - high above the Potato Patches.
Nothing beats a rugged Land Rover!
The Hardies off the Hill Piece as seen from near the Potato Patches.

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