Friday, 15 November 2013

Tristan Longboats and Models...

Tristan is famous for its island longboats. These fine boats fished the waters around Tristan, sailed out to passing ships, and went across the open ocean to the neighbouring islands of Nightingale and Inaccessible. The longboats are no longer sailed on the ocean, but they can still be seen tied down outside the Administrator's Residence on the way down to Calshot Harbour.

They were made of canvas, stretched over wood, in days gone by, but the ones that lie here are all fibreglass. The island longboats have names that are significant in the island history - usually named after a passing ship - such as British Trader, Stirling Castle, and Britannia. The boat at left is the British Trader.

Inside the upturned hull of British Trader.

Many islanders now build model longboats. In the past these detailed models were bartered for stores and provisions with passing ships. Building these models is a process that requires great skill and patience. But when they are completed, they are beautiful creations! Brian works on the rigging on one of his models in this photo.

The frame of a model longboat being glued together.
Lindsay displays this model before the canvas is stretched over the frame.
Almost ready for painting.
First coat of paint done.
The intricate little rudder.
Amazing detail in this little model!
A fleet of model longboats sails across the table!
Candace with Peggy and Brian and her model longboat.

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